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What campers say about Bewilder

We ensure every camper has a unique and memorable experience in the wild 🌲

But don't take our word for it. Here's what campers have to say about Bewilder. 

jocelyn, SF

We used Bewilder to plan our first backpacking trip in California and were blown away by the experience. When we got our beautiful itinerary, we were literally overcome with awe and delight - it was detailed and thoughtful from beginning to end and was so thoroughly researched. It was so freeing to go on a trip without having to do any detailed planning, all we had to do was follow our itinerary and enjoy nature.


Bewilder just made it so accessible and easy. We felt safe and secure knowing that Bewilder was available for support throughout the trip. The backpacking experience itself opened us up to a whole new level of appreciation for the outdoors and we would forever be grateful to Bewilder for this beautiful introduction to backpacking!

The Bewilder team saved us from hours of online research as we prepared for our trip down the California coast. What would have taken hours of researching and calling campsites to keep tabs on the evolving COVID situation, was solved with the team's up-to-date information and details about camping availability. Bewilder definitely took the stress out of planning a trip so that we could focus on enjoying it. We're excited to consult Bewilder again the next time we want to get out into nature!

julia, SF

We would never have discovered and planned for this great multi-day backpacking trip in Tahoe without Bewilder. They took into consideration our skill level, our dog, and our food preferences to customize a unique trip. The personal touches made a big difference.


We highly recommend Bewilder to anybody who wants to explore a new place with expert guidance and reduce the stress of planning for an outdoor adventure.

Sebastian, SF

Yvonne from Bewilder made "planning" a camping getaway so easy! We didn't have to do any planning, only the exciting part of choosing! She handled the time-consuming hassle of researching campsites and seeing what's available. Instead we got three great recommendations to choose from, and she took care of the reservations.


We didn't even have to worry too much about further research on hikes, traveling, or what the campsite had because it was all laid out in the beautiful itinerary Yvonne created for us. We loved the hikes Yvonne recommended, and would work with Bewilder again in a heartbeat. This trip was exactly what we needed to relieve stress and experience the magic of the outdoors. 

lauren, oakland

Our family loved the Bewilder-planned camping trip we took this summer. After taking careful consideration of our kids' preferences and dog's needs we received a detailed packing list and itinerary allowing us to head out with no worry. The menu was delicious and the campsite was uncrowded!


Overall the service was filled with thoughtful touches which made for a relaxing, memorable weekend.

Matt, belmont
andre, SF

Thanks to Bewilder, going camping has been transformed from hours of research and planning, to something effortless. All we did was say what type of trip we wanted and where we wanted to go. Bewilder did all the other planning for us, everything from creating a custom map on AllTrails, advising on gear, researching permits to even picking out a lunch spot for the drive to the park. I feel like a whole world of adventures has just been opened up now that I know I have Bewilder around to create them for me.

ben, SF

Bewilder has made a world of difference in planning our backpacking trip. From our itinerary to a detailed list of gear to pack, from an outdoors survival and etiquette guide to food recommendations,


Bewilder provided a very thorough package with plenty of options that saved us hours of research and preparation, while giving us peace of mind.


Whether you’re a first-time camper or a seasoned backpacker, I strongly recommend Bewilder!

We used Bewilder to plan our 6 month wedding anniversary. This was a very important trip for us because we had to cancel our honeymoon due to COVID.

Bewilder exceeded our expectations in every respect and planned the perfect glamping experience! It was a combination of a modern boutique accommodation, soft adventure, and restaurant recommendations. We loved her attention to detail throughout. 

nishant, SF

As a novice camper who loves the outdoors, Yvonne was always ready with suggestions and options that helped me feel comfortable about my trip. Her food and hike recommendations were amazing.
And even with all the unfortunate fires in CA, Yvonne was extremely communicative about the air quality and weather, which put me at ease and made the trip less stressful. I loved the experience so much, I've already started telling all my friends about it. I highly recommend Bewilder!

andrew, SF