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Nature is better together, and that's why Tuongvan Le and Yvonne Leow created Bewilder's Friend Finder (BFF)!

It's a free virtual hangout to help people make new outdoorsy friends.

Anyone living in San Francisco and LA who wants to get to know a group of nature lovers and potentially go outdoors together! We want everyone to be well matched so we're focusing on these two areas for now. If you'd like to be the first to know when we expand to your city, fill out the form anyway and we'll keep you posted.

We're matching people based on where they live, along with what, and how much outdoorsy stuff they love to do!

1. Fill out this form BEFORE Friday, Feb. 18th, 2022 (we'll never sell your data, we promise).

2. We'll match you with 2 to 6 outdoorsy friends via email. A randomly assigned member of your group will be responsible for creating a Google Hangout or Zoom link for everyone.

3. On Wednesday, Feb. 23rd, 2022 at 6PM PT, jump on the video call and use our fun question prompts to get to know one another.

That's it!

Once you sign up, please, pretty please, clear your calendar on Wednesday, February 23rd at 6PM PT for an hour. It would be a huge letdown for everyone if you don't show up for your group's virtual hangout.

If you can't make it this time, sign up through the form anyway and we'll keep you posted on next month's hangout.

We're a twice-monthly newsletter featuring camping and backpacking itineraries in California. It's written on the regular by Yvonne Leow.

Sign up before February 18!

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