Win a free outdoor adventure

In light of anti-racism efforts across the country, we want to do our part to help diversify the outdoors. So, we're doing what we do best: We're planning outdoor adventures for three Californians of color who have never been camping or backpacking before for free. Learn more below!

Apply by Friday, August 21st, 2020

Why are we diversifying the outdoors?

Nature doesn't discriminate, but not everyone has the time, money, or access to the outdoors. Our mission is to help more people experience and enjoy the outdoors because we know how transformative being in the wild can be.


Here are some facts from the Outdoor Foundation's 2019 Outdoor Participation Report that explain why we can and need to do more

- In 2018, only 50.5% Americans participated in any kind of outdoor recreation

- About 74% of White Americans, the highest among all ethnic groups, spent time outdoors at least once a month. (White Americans make up 76% of the U.S. population)

- About 11% of Hispanic, 8% of Black, and 6% of Asian/Pacific Islander Americans spent time outdoors. (Compared to 19% of Hispanics, 14% of Blacks and 6% of Asian/Pacific Islanders in the U.S. population.)

In the past decade, all ethnic groups, except for White Americans, increased their participation in the outdoors, but there's more we can do to create opportunities for people of all backgrounds to experience and enjoy the wild. 

What's an "outdoor adventure"?

Every Bewilder trip is uniquely designed for each camper. Each reservation includes: 

- A personalized itinerary

- A campsite reservation

- Park permits

- Trail recommendations

- Gear planner

- Food menus

- 24/7 support

For this program, we'll be planning a 3-day, 2-night car camping or backpacking trip for three Californians of color. Each camper will have an opportunity to design an outdoor adventure of their choice (like this), and we'll handle the nitty gritty details (like this).

We'll not only introduce them to the most beautiful parks in the state, but also cover the cost of campsite reservation fees (for a group of up to four people), and thanks to the generous support of TIA Outfitters, provide each camper with free camping and backpacking gear rentals. 

This still doesn't include the cost of personal gear (i.e. hiking boots), food, and transportation, but we're on the lookout for community sponsors to minimize the cost. Check out our community sponsorship section below to learn more.

Who should apply? 

People of color (21+ years and older) living in California who have never been camping or backpacking before but have always wanted to! Parents are also encouraged to apply!

What's the deadline?

If you've never been camping or backpacking before, please take a few minutes to  share your story with us by Friday, August 21, 2020. The application only takes a few minutes to complete, so apply now!

We'll notify all applicants by late-August and announce our first cohort of campers in early-September. 

I've been camping before, but I want to help!

Encourage your friends and family members to apply! While we're covering the cost of trip planning, campsite reservations, and camping and backpacking gear, there are still items like personal gear, food, and transportation that can add up. 

If you're an awesome organization or person interested in donating to these first-time campers and backpackers, please reach out here or make a donation via Venmo to "Bewilder-Camp"! 100% of all financial and in-kind contributions will be equally divided among the selected campers. 

On our part, we'll make sure everyone has what they need to feel safe, ready, and excited(!) for their first outdoor adventure.

A big hug to our partners




Questions or suggestions? Send us a note!