We're a passionate crew of outdoor lovers who want to share the joy of being in nature. We have a unique philosophy for designing camping trips and unforgettable outdoor experiences. 

OUr Values

Champion aliveness

A life without learning is deadening.

We believe in setting uncomfortable goals 

and pursuing them fearlessly.

Adventure for awe

Camping isn't a contest. We journey outdoors to marvel and witness Earth's natural wonders.

Share self-reliance

In the wild, everyone is responsible for themselves, but it takes experience to get there. We're eager to share what we know.

Embrace surprises

Outdoor adventures never go according to plan. It's what we've come to love and respect about being out in the wild. 

Serve the environment

'Leave No Trace' is essential, but it's not enough. We strive to research and revitalize the lands we explore. 

"i didn't camp as a kid, but now i love it."

"I was 27-years-old when I went on my first backpacking trip in the Eastern Sierra. It was dirty, uncomfortable, and completely life-changing.

When I'm in nature, my imagination runs wild. I have no expectations to entertain, impress, or succeed. I can just be.

Everyone should have a chance to experience the awe and freedom of the outdoors. It's why Bewilder exists."

- Yvonne Leow, CEO & Founder

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We're always on the lookout for adventurers who are excited to share their love for the outdoors. 

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